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Summer holiday Weißbach near Lofer


Summer holiday Weißbach

Summer Holidays in Weißbach bei Lofer

You will enjoy numerous activities within the valley as well as on the mountains around Weißbach bei Lofer!....

Leisurely hiking or mountain biking for families but also very arduous and demanding tours for the more sporty person are available to choose from!

If you prefer water, you can enjoy rafting, white-water kayaking or canoeing in Weißbach bei Lofer.

How about climbing on the rock face in the outside rock climbing garden or indoors? Rock climbing for beginners is popular amongst young and old, and it is obviously safe!
If you want something peaceful you'll find fishing definitely relaxing. Should you have no luck in catching any trout, then try your dexerity in asphalt curling.

Turn your summer holidays into a mountainous experience!

Weißbach bei Lofer


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